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Photo Techniques



Nikon D70 Links:

 Camera Operation and Controls:

Custom curves for your Nikon DSLR :>
Shadco's Preferred Camera Settings (plus Wallace Expodisc) :
Shadco's camera settings for minimal moire incidence :>
D70 rattles when shaken (not stirred)? :>
Preventing the internal flash from popping up & setting a minimum shutter speed :>
Adjusting the viewfinder's diopter :>
Copying EXIF as IPTC information :>
I can't see the ISO in the EXIF #1 :>
I can't see the ISO in the EXIF #2 :>
Cleaning your CCD:
Understanding your camera (D100) :>
Customising your camera (D100) :>

Photography Techniques :

Photo Composition Articles :>
What's "White Balance" ? :>
Practical White Balance :>
Calculating Depth of Field :>
Basics of Exposure Metering :>
Exposing to the right :>
D70 & Night Sky Shots :>
Night 'scapes :>
Photographing Tapestry :>
General tips & tricks for aquarium photography :> the links below this link)
Aquarium fish with D70's internal flash :>
Thinking through the picture acquisition process (D100) :>
Not your typical vacation pics (D100) :>


NEF Workflow (D100) :>
Adding the copyright symbol to your pics :>
Sharpening Lesson by Petteri Sulonen :>
Sharpening 101 :>
What's aliasing, AA filters and moire? (A Kodak document) :>
All DSLRs have moire :>
Moire reduction Photoshop Plugin #1 :>
Moire reduction Photoshop Plugin #2 :>
Moire reduction with Photoshop's Dust & Scratches :>
Sports Illustrated Digital Workflow :>